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What is a doula?

A doula is a professionally trained companion who assists individuals with significant life experiences. There are doulas for many different things. We, however, focus on supporting our clients through childbirth experiences, full-spectrum.

Is a doula the same as a midwife or nurse?

No. A doula is not a medically trained professional and should not be compared to midwives or nurses. We work alongside midwives and nurses to ensure that our clients receive optimal support.

What are the benefits of hiring a doula?

There are many benefits of hiring a doula including, but not limited to: emotional support and reassurance, access to educational resources, assistance with planning and organizing, attention to physical comfort, assistance with breastfeeding.

Can I still have a doula if my birth plan involves medical intervention?

Yes you can! Our services align with your specified birth plan. There is a common misconception that you must have a natural, unassisted birth to acquire doula services and that is false. 

How long will you be available for service?

Length of physical service is determined by the support package selected. We are however, available for consultation correspondence indefinitely for all of our clients.

Will you replace or fill-in for my partner?

As a doula, our goal is to foster and support healthy connections with our clients and their partners. With that being said, we do not seek to replace your partner. In fact, we look forward to supporting you both, collectively.

Are you able to deliver my baby?

Unfortunately, no. As someone who is not a medically trained professional, we are not able to deliver your baby.

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