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Home Visits

Home visits are available according to your schedule, comfort and needs. Infant care, goal setting, light cleaning and cooking duties are optional services for home visits.

Alternative Advice

You always have options and we're here to remind you of that! We are committed to providing our clients with resources and alternatives relating to mental health, physical health, personal goals, economic and family advancement.

Lactation Consultation

We are here for your breastfeeding needs. Lactation counseling educates clients on proper latching, pumping technique, physical relief/remedies, milk storage and milk stimulating nutrition.

Light Domestic Duties

We are here when you need a break. IADS offers light in home duties for our clients including but not limited to: light meal prep, light cleaning duties, laundry and errand running.

Birth Doula

As a full spectrum doula, birth preparation and labor service is offered as a means of support for our clients. We make a commitment to support you through all aspects of your labor.

Nutrition & Herbal Remedies

Nutrition is vital for child development and overall physical health.  IADS provides customized options and resources for nutrition, pain management and overall self-care.

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